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Dear, Christine, Sara, & Donna;

Thank you for all of the help you have given Kellie. She is a very special girl who managed to reach across thousands of miles & leave paw prints on my husband’s heart. Kellie is already a member of the family. Her spot on the couch is reserved, with the pillows arranged just so. If I move those pillows they are returned to their “rightful” position quickly. Lol
She has figured out that those big brown eyes make Mommy & Poppy melt. Kellie’s personality is blossoming, along with her health. It is almost hard to believe she is the same dog I met at the shelter. I want y’all to know Kellie is a family member to us, not just a pet.& She will be spoiled with love & affection (& maybe a few extra treats).
We are committed to making the rest of her life as rewarding as possible.

Sincerely, The Aguilars
Dean, Liz, Gunny, Halle, & Kellie

From Bill & Mindy Sexton
Date: November 18, 2008

We first met ;Sadie, September 14, 2008 after "Hurricane Ike" went through southern Ohio. I met up with Jennifer Loftus, who was fostering Sadie the evening of the storm to meet Miss Sadie. We took our 1 1/2 year old cocker Marley to meet her as well. We had no electric for several days following the storm, so no work :)
Jenn drove Sadie up to our house to see how she did with our cats the day after the storm. She was fabulous...likes to chase cats when given the chance, but always a sweetheart! Needless to say, we all fell head over heals in love with her.
Thank you Cherished Cockers for allowing this angel to become part of our family!

Mindy, Bill & Tyler Sexton
Marley, Garcia, Nikko and Romeo, too!

From: Mark & Margaret Sprague
Date: Sunday 17 October 2004

We adopted Luke in Jan. 04. Mr. Luke owns the Sprague family. Luke is doing very well. When we first adopted Luke, we were told he couldn't be let alone for more than four hours without a potty accident. At first, we caged Luke when we went to work. On the weekends we started leaving Luke out of his cage for longer periods when we were away from the house to see if he would potty in the house. There were no potty accidents when we returned home. We're happy to say that Mr. Luke is not caged when we leave for work and he can be by himself more than four hours without any problems.
Luke was a chunky dog when we adopted him. We put him on a veggy diet. We feed him Purina Beneful with a half-cup of canned green beans or carrots. He loves his veggies! Luke loves to take rides. He gets so excited if you say let's go take a ride in the truck. Our entire family loves Luke. I could go on and on about Luke but I will stop.

When we lost our Cocker Alex from a dreadful disease, our hearts were broken. We wondered if we would ever get another dog. One day, we decided to go to Mingle with the mutts. That day, we found Mr. Luke. Sometimes we think Alex is hiding in Mr. Luke. Luke at times does things that reminds us of Alex.
Please except our donation being mailed to you, in kindess regards for the work you do to provide homes for cockers who need a home and unconditional love.

From: Marcia
Date: Monday 4 October 2004

Comment: I want to thank Linda and Judy (foster mom) for all their recent help in my adoption with Gretchen.
She is a sweet little angel. She is a wonderful addition to my cocker family.

From: Michelle Vibonese
Date: Thursday 30 September 2004

Your website is very clear and easy to navigate. I'm glad to see a Cocker Rescue in Ohio now. I rescued my Cocker from a kill shelter in March 2003 the same morning he was scheduled to be euthanized.

From: Becky Merer
Date: Monday 13 September 2004

Thanks for your quick e-mail response in my quest to find a cocker

From: Linda Weiss

Very nice website, Linda - and congratulations on your new rescue venture! Without you, Barney wouldn't be part of our family, and probably wouldn't have even survived his health problems when first pulled from the shelter.
Thank you for all you do for the cocker kids!

Linda, Barney, and Mynka :-)



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