Sending in a Surrender Contract does Not guarantee that we will be able to take your cocker spaniel.
We will contact you to discuss your cockers vaccinations, spay-neuter, and temperament.
The Cherished Cockers board members will then make a decision and you will be contacted with their decision.

If you are unable to keep your cocker spaniel for any reason, please contact Cherished Cockers instead of taking your cocker to the local dog pound.
Before Cherished Cockers can take custody of your cocker, you will need to sign a Surrender Contract.
Please click on one of the link's below to access that document.
You will need to copy - paste - fill in blanks and email to
Cherished Cockers Rescue
Or print out the form, fill it out completely and mail or fax it.

There are three ways to fill out a contract.

You can print out the form online at: Surrender Contract

You can print out the form in doc format at: Surrender Contract

You can print out the form in pdf format at: Surrender Contract

 Mail,  Fax, or attach & email to:

Cherished Cockers
C/O Christine Bacon
8216 Rushton Drive
Mentor, Ohio 44060-2025
Fax: 440-209-8893
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